Visioning Report

Excerpted from Minutes of the Ministry and Pastoral Care Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting at Patapsco Monthly Meeting3rd Month 2010.

Minute Four: Visioning Questions
We made the following responses to the visioning questions as they pertain to Ministry and Pastoral Care:

The Committee is concerned with enhancing, enriching and enlivening the spiritual life of the Monthly Meetings and yearly meeting, leading others to sink down to the Seed into deeper, better and closer relationship with the Spirit, providing them with ways to live into this relationship. We make ourselves available to Monthly Meetings that are having a specific care or concern to be supportive or to serve as mediators, and to give spiritual aid.

In order to accomplish this work, we pray, offer workshops, and coordinate Bible Study and worship sharing at Annual Session. We hold the Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business during Annual Session in prayer. We visit Monthly Meetings. Through collecting the spiritual state of the Meeting reports and providing the spiritual state of the Yearly Meeting report to Annual Session, we help move the Yearly Meeting toward a focus on our spiritual foundations.

Mentoring and spiritual growth opportunities can best be provided at the regional level. In addition, outreach, which provides a sense of connection, and fellowship – the embracing of one another and providing for sharing our joys and sorrows are both well suited to being under regional (Yearly Meeting) care.

Through holding the Yearly Meeting in the Light during Annual Session and providing a space in which Friends can share their gifts and deepen their connection with Spirit and one another, it is our expectation that we will deepen our shared relationship with God and will be better able to discern where Spirit is leading us.

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