The Ministry and Pastoral Care Committee consists of approximately twelve members nominated by the Nominating Committee and appointed by the Yearly Meeting. Also, each Monthly Meeting is requested to designate one of its members under a concern for ministry or pastoral care to participate in the meetings and responsibilities of the Committee. Any member of the Yearly Meeting with a concern for ministry or pastoral care is welcome at the Committee’s meetings. The Committee is concerned with deepening the spiritual life of Baltimore Yearly Meeting and of its constituent Monthly Meetings. The Committee carries an active concern for calling forth and nurturing the gifts of the Spirit in the Yearly Meeting. The Committee encourages and supports Monthly Meetings as they recognize, publicly affirm, and practically support those individuals who exercise their gifts in faithful ministry and service.

The Committee assists Monthly Meetings in fostering community and addressing the needs of individuals within their Meetings. Committee members are expected to visit a variety of Monthly Meetings throughout the year. Monthly Meeting committees will be encouraged to invite these visits. Monthly Meeting committees that deal with ministry and pastoral care are encouraged to invite these visits.

The Committee assists the Yearly Meeting with programs, retreats, workshops, activities at Annual Sessions, and other activities as needed. The Clerk of the Ministry and Pastoral Care Committee serves as a member of the Program Committee.

The Committee advises Monthly Meetings on the preparation of the Annual Report of the Spiritual State of the Monthly Meeting in accordance with the guidelines in our Faith and Practice. The Committee receives the approved reports and incorporates them, with concerns and information about events in the Yearly Meeting, into a Spiritual State of the Yearly Meeting Report to be presented at Annual Session.

The Committee considers requests for Yearly Meeting endorsement of minutes of support for members traveling in the ministry outside our Yearly Meeting. Such minutes usually are prepared by the Monthly Meeting in which the Friend holds membership and then endorsed by the Yearly Meeting. (See Faith and Practice, Part III, Section B, Sub-section 5, b Minutes for Spiritual Service and, c Endorsements.) If there is clearness to proceed, the Committee brings a recommendation to the Yearly Meeting or Interim Meeting for this minute. Minutes endorsed by the Yearly Meeting should be returned to the Yearly Meeting. Ordinarily, the endorsement is for one year.

The Committee maintains the Guidelines for Embracing the Ministry of Friends and supports Monthly Meeting Committees of Oversight for these Friends. As the need arises, the Committee explains to Friends the historical Quaker practice of recording members in the ministry and the Committee maintains a current list of all recorded ministers within the Yearly Meeting.

Manual of Procedure, August 2009